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Contracts ending  27th Feb

Paint with all the colours of the wind      11th February 2015

Bach Flower Essences   Feb 2015




Angels and Fairies choosing human form   25th October 2014

Choosing Love or Fear            4th Sept 2014

Fasting and Living on Light  10th August 2014

Message for Starseeds            (10th April 2014)

Spiritual Tips 2014

Note re Discernment (March 2014)

How to help family handle your affairs after you leave. Basic information. May 2014

Decrees (updated)



Are you drawing the best life for yourself and the planet?    (10th August)

Going home  (30th Oct 2013)  

Service to Others and its relationship to 10:10   (5th August 2013)   

Metatron's message re Earth's Ascension  - and the 21st December 2012 (1st Jan 2013)

The Greatest gift of Love (written in 2001 but very relevant 

10:10 New Intergalatic Matrix - What to do on the day  (19th July 2013)

Report re 10:10 (10th October) Intergalctic Matrix  22nd Oct 2013 now)







Earth's Ascension - Sandy (27th December 2012)

Metatron's Message re Earth's Ascension  (2012) 

Is Ascension really happening (written some years ago but relevant)

Flame of Ascension Workshop wall posters  

Crystal Postal Sessions with Sanat Kumara



NOTE: 2006 Message from Santa Kumara contains some  purposes of several countries including the UK and Australia.

Sanat Kumara Message 2006



NOTE: Ten articles on the subject of Discernment are listed ahead. Owing to the importance of this subject they are listed in one group, in order of the year they were written.

Discernment - Keep it Light 1998

Discernment - The Key word  1998

Discernment and Mastery 1999

Freedom through Discernment 2001

Discernment through understanding Self Test  2002 Updated 2005

Discernment message  2011

Discernment - Perception of Spirit    27/10/2009

Discernment -Test your Source 2010

Discernment - Light and dark  (7/2010)

Note re Discernment (March 2014)



A Decree for Byron Bay Lightworkers in English and Spanish  

Karmic Absolution for specific group   21/6/11

A New Reality on Earth           4th June 2011

A Planetary update by Chaldron March 2011 (Chaldron is one of the 88 original designers of Atlantis)   

Earth is going Home  12th April 2011 

Need to Act Now  9th May



Metatron's message for Frequency of Light workshop 2010 

Earth's Ascension Update (October 2010)

Discernment - Light and dark  (July 2010)

Instant handling (July 2010)





Twin Flames

Discernment - Perception of Spirit    (27th October 2009)

The signs in Lithuania  (March)

The signs to Zimbabwe  (1995)  

The signs to India 1995

The signs to Jerusalem (February 1995) 

The signs to Sedona   (Sedona Vortex article - rewritten in Feb 09)

The signs to Eclipse  (1999)

The signs to return the Holy Grail to France (1997)

Questions and answers  (February)

Unconditional Love (not new but always relevant)

Decrees  (not new but always current and valid)



Recently added articles  -  written years ago

Lighten your life

Prayer for Light 

Atlantis and Genetics

Petitions 2007 (with addition November 2009)


TRANSLATED ARTICLES in French, Italian, Swiss, Dutch, Swedish and Spanish are at the bottom of this page.




Wall posters to copy, as requested at workshop. 

ASCENSION -What is it




Major completion for Earth by Sanat Kumara. June 2007

The Power of words  May 2007

Life on Earth by Sanat Kumara  May 2007

Petitions - of any use? May 2007

There are no accidents March 2007

2012?  March 2007



Sanat Kumara messages for UK and Australia 

Head in the clouds - feet on the ground    

Greatest Gift of Love        

 In trouble or under psychic attack  




 2002 and 2003 

These articles are still useful

Ascended Masters


Ireland for peace 

Being a channel of Light              

Byron Bay - its Purpose



Earth moves into its heart  9:11  


Foot and Mouth Disease UK

Greatest Gift of Love



Is Ascension really happening

Kuthumi - Choices being made


Let us be the Light     


Nothing to do with me!    

Peace Rally - personal report     UK     

Power of People

Message for First/Second Wave Lightworkers  2001 and 2003

Special photos   


Spiritual tips



1999 - 2001


The Greatest Gift of Love       

Letting Go

Right to Decree

Starseed Announcements

Truth is all around you

Unconditional Love

Unplan your Life  






A New Reality on Earth (Spanish)

A Planetary Update by Chaldron  (Spanish)

Earth is Going Home  (Spanish) 

Need To Act Now  (Spanish) 

Decree for Byron Bay (Spanish) Mensaje a los trabajadores de la luz de la Bahía Byron Shire, NSW, Australia

1. El mayor regalo de amor (Greatest Gift of Love)

2. Discerimiento través del entendimiento (Discernment through understanding

3. 2012? (in Spanish)

4. No hay casualidades (There are no accidents)

5. Celebración por la Tierra 



A planetary update by Chaldron (Dutch)





Ama Senza Condizioni (Unconditional Love)



Can’a rien à voir avec moi! (Nothing to do with me)




Villkorslös Kärlek (Unconditional Love) 




Articles not written by Sandy

All Life Connected by Edward O'Le-An  Oct 2013

There is only God by Brian Piergrossi

Spiritual "Conspiracy" by Brian Piergrossi 

Answer to Doom and Gloom  by Dennis Stevenson

New Awareness by Owen Waters 2007

The Karma of Choice  (Sept 2009) by Eddie Romano

Environmental Changes (March 2009) by Eddie Romano

Globalisation (April 2009) by Eddie Romano

Cathar Creed    

Global Community

Choice in 2003

Life on Mars and Lemuria


New Awareness by Owen Waters 2007

Solara's Report for2002         

Taking personal responsibility 2010  (Eddie Romano)   

Through the Light - and Patsy's story  (two people's 'Near death experience's)    

The Invitation and other Poetry

Vision of the People

What is Christ Consciousness     Crea

Wise Words





                                                                                                                               © Copyright Sandy Stevenson 






The following articles are offered in the hope they may assist Lightworkers in areas of self mastery, integrity, trust, highest truth, faith, discernment and love.

One of the wonderful gifts of Spirit we each possess is our ability to discern differing energies and levels of truth. A resonance of harmony occurs deep within when we are comfortable with concepts that feels true for us.

Equally, we may feel ourselves rejecting things that do not resonate with us. To establish either, we need only to listen to our inner voice.

Discernment has a vital role on Earth at this time. The vastness of its far reaching effects, both in its application or lack of it, are beyond imagination and comprehension. If we truly commit to the practise of discernment, the resulting outpouring of Light will transform the Earth in a moment.

From this space of clarity and without confusion, our lives and our service to Earth at this time of her Ascension is greatly enhanced.                    

Please apply your inherent gift of discernment to the information given here. 

Note: Because of the importance of Discernment, all relevant articles have been now grouped together, regardless of when they were written.