Some Questions and Answers  


The following are some questions I've been asked. The answers may be helpful to anyone with similar questions. Of course, they are only one person's viewpoint and we always need to check for our own truth.    

Some wise words from Guatama Buddha: ‘Do not believe anything because it is said by an authority, or if it is said to come from angels, or from Gods, or from an inspired source. Believe it only if you have explored it in your own heart and mind and body and found it to be true. Work out your own path, through diligence.’


Q. We are told so many things we have to do to ascend and it can be overwhelming. Are there some important points to focus on?

A. The short answer is to Surrender. Live in the flow for there you will find perfection. Surrender yourself to Divine Order. That means letting go of ego, mind, patterns, habits, compulsions, emotions, etc. If you just did that one thing, you will achieve it all. Our life motto could be 'get out of the head and into the heart'. We waste a lot of energy thinking everything out, such as what calendar ends when, keeping track of full moons, creating a light body, etc. While it is necessary for some people to know such details on occasions, most do not. When you live in the natural flow of order you are provided with the best possible outcome, moment by moment, for yourself and the universe. No need to 'think' it out anymore. You are guided minute by minute to be yourself, stay in your own truth, clear your stuff, repair karma, increase your light frequency, meet those you are meant to meet, act with integrity, re-establish your light body, do what you came here to do, and anything else you can think of, as well as ascend at the exact right moment for you.


Q. How do I know I am doing what I came here to do?

A. You will know just by doing what feels right in this moment, and then the next moment, and the next. That is what you are meant to do! Live like that, in the flow of Divine order that continually guides you. Then there's no need to think, wonder or worry. Life will be a joy and that is how life is meant to be for you. 


Q. I was wondering how the Planetary meditations and Initiations work if we are all participating from different time zones?  Doesn't that mean we won't be all together at the same moment?

A. There are times when a sound or a thought has to be done by everyone in the same moment to best achieve a specific result. In other situations, the expected result can be achieved by a continual wave of sound or thought penetrating the planet over a 24 hour period. This method is certainly easier for us as we are can join in from our own time zone. Regardless of the method used, when something is truly a Divine action it has great power. When the combined factors of the Lightworker's great love and intention join with the higher realms of Light, along with the fact there is really 'no time' and in truth we are all 'one,' huge changes in Light frequency occur around the planet.


Q. Why is there conflicting data about spiritual ideas?

A. Nearly every subject on the planet has conflicting data. The spiritual field is no different. As we know, there are different perspectives and levels of truth in all areas. Beings, whether incarnated or not, who present material that we read and hear, can be at very different levels in their own evolution. The way through this wonderful minefield is to trust your own knowing and take on only what feels right. Otherwise, you can get confused and even feel apathetic. Apathy can limit your ability to do what you came here to do and it isn't a joyful place to be. So, at every opportunity (and these come along every instant) just practice trusting your inner self. When you intuitively sense something and you then realise you were right, always acknowledge you knew that. In that way, you'll constantly strengthen your intuitive ability.


Q. Sometimes I see almost the same words written by different lightworkers. How can this happen? Does anyone copy channellings?

A. People who are genuinely tuned to the higher levels of universal truth would bring through a very similar message. However, this can be said in many quite different ways. That is done so the message can get to everyone. A lot of people have fixed beliefs around channelling. For example, some people expect Jesus would be gentle in his channelling. If the message wasn't like that, they may not accept it. Others think the Ascended Masters would be very reverent, or they should or should not have a sense of humour. The list of beliefs is endless. These beliefs tend to colour what is accepted by people. The real truth, of course, is that it doesn't matter who says what, or how it's delivered. The only important question is 'Did it resonate as truth for me'?  Important truths such as 'to be discerning', 'follow your heart', surrender, trust, etc. are often repeated many times and I guess will be until we all get the message.


Regarding copying, it can occasionally happen that someone takes information and presents it as their own. It also happens a lot in real life. It can be seen as just learning for the individual involved. This action can attract karma because it's often not backed up with a fuller understanding. That limits how helpful that individual can be to others as they often have only a half truth. I recall a story about one lady who had copied material who was apparently asked a string of questions in front of a large group about the content of a particular article. The lady could not answer with any degree of knowledge. That will always be the test, I suppose. Can the person answer with a true understanding of what they have written? That would not apply to trance channels where the person has no conscious understanding of what they have channelled.


Q. Is there only one path to God?

A. There are various pathways that offer enlightenment. To people involved in a particular group, religion or philosophy, it is usual to accept whatever beliefs are held within that group. As we are aware, most religious groups feel they alone hold the one true, all encompassing route to God and a higher place of existence. So is this the case? Could it be that only one of these routes is the true way? To answer this, we could ask, ‘would any God lay down only one path of discovery?’ Earth has an estimated population of over 7 billion people. Is it feasible that billions of people would be prevented from spiritual growth or have a chance for eternal life because they had no access to that one set of beliefs.

Perhaps all paths offer some truth, enough for a chance at enlightenment. Maybe within all the teachings can be found the wisdom of unconditional love. Maybe ultimately, all the facets of any teaching are designed to help bring devotion of the heart and soul. Once gained, perhaps there is a choice. To remains within the barriers they have accepted or to step beyond the doctrines, beliefs and fears and seek a further, deeper and broader truth within themselves.


Q. A lot of birds and fish have been dying. Is it caused by Chemtrails or the Gulf oil spill?

A. I don’t think these are the reasons for the recent widely reported deaths. I believe Gaia is testing the degree of shift that can be tolerated. Amazing new codes were recently given to the Ashtar Command from the Norse Gods. The Ashtar Command 32 fleets carried these codes all over the world. That allowed, among other things, the placement of many thousands of golden etheric rods throughout the planet to stabilise the Earth until everything takes place that needs to take place; meaning all life forms will be gone, either ascended with the 5D Earth or relocated to another 3D planet. The remaining structure of Earth, minus its life forms, will then defragment with a pole shift. The placing of these rods has meant the Earth had to release pressure in all those places where the entry of a rod or rods would cause major trauma. Hence the spate of Earthquakes and volcanoes within a relatively short time slot of months last year – releasing pressure, as you will have observed, mostly without any loss of life. The rods are now in place. The Earth Mother is currently testing the range that she can permit the magnetic north pole to alter before it would cause extensive damage to humanity. She is ascertaining this acceptable level of degree, with the use of the birds and sea life. Although the Mexican Gulf has been extensively harmed by the oil spill and its consequent handling afterwards, and it makes sense in many ways that this could be the cause, I don’t think that is the reason for the bird deaths. I see this event as being under Earth’s control as a testing method she is using.

The recent out of character weather in many countries including the extensive snow in the UK that was the worst in 100 years and the extreme weather patterns on the east coast of Australia. The unusual weather is a combination of the alteration of the magnetic north poles plus the huge amounts of cleansing being done by the Earth for the rod placements. The magnetic handling alone would have caused cleansing on the coast of Australia as many rods were placed up the Eastern sea board, through New Zealand to California. The 500 plus earthquakes experienced in New Zealand was allowing the releasing of pressure for the whole of NZ to California section to allow the rod placement. I believe Australia is acting as the cleanser for that lot of releasing, especially as it has a high vibration and can handle it relatively well (not that the flood victims would agree!) It is much the same as Britain’s agreement to process the cleansing of the trauma for the whole of Europe, but that is a long term original agreement, hence the constant grey skies and rain throughout Britain, while the European continent stays sunny.

So to sum it up. As we know the magnetic north pole is moving, but I think Gaia is testing to see how far she can let that move without major damage being caused. Then I believe, the shifting will slow down or adjust considerably in its speed of movement (and would be noticed by all the scientists) and she won’t allow a speeding up of it again until she is out of it all, and so are all life forms. Meanwhile, there is the most marvellous wake up call being offered as a gift to humanity by the Earth Mother, to take responsibility. It helps that they can see what occurs when you run roughshod over a planet of interactive life. 


Q. I am 35 and I still get scared I will get left behind during the ascension.

A. Don't worry, you won't get left behind. The Light force are all awakened and making their choices. In particular, the light workers in your age group arranged it all long ago, prior to arrival here. Most also have their own team who will make sure they leave at the right time and return home. Your age group will find you don't need many of the awakening and clearing procedures that the older age groups needed. This is due to the different roles you each play. Just live in each moment, following your heart, not worrying or even thinking about ascension, sending out your love and light around and enjoying yourself. It will all happen as is meant. By the way, there is no 'one point' of ascension where everyone ascends at once. It takes place over quite a long period and is very individual.


Q. I have come to realise that to achieve ascension we need to raise our bodies light level and thus increase our frequency. As we know, it can be achieved through meditation and cleansing, but from a scientific point of view I believe if I raise my DNA frequency I should be able to achieve the aim.

A. Yes, as you say, we are all working to increase our vibration. There are many ways of achieving this, including the DNA you mention. As long as each individual follows what personally resonates for them, then we each find the way that best suits us. Following the route that resonates for us makes sure we raise our vibration at the exact correct rate for us. A huge leap in light frequency could be quite disastrous if someone was not ready; spiritually, mentally and physically. This could happen if someone let their mind or ego push them into entering a process or technique they were not really ready for.


Q. I recently had a session and was given the following information. ‘This is your first visit to planet earth, you come from Sirius and your guide is ..... ‘. Do you think I can trust this, as I am worried the person may have made it up, albeit with the best intentions. I am still not really sure if I am a lightworker or not.

A. We are told many things during our life, are we not? The only sure way to establish truth in such an instance is to put the ego aside and see if it resonates as truth on all levels. Our ego is that part of us that wants answers to everything, cares about what others think about us and longs to be special. We can always find answers, either within or from others. That is the way the universe is set up. But when we do get an answer from someone else, it has to feel right and not just feed our ego. Accepting wrong information can influence our thinking from then on. When we insist it has to feel right, we help ourselves attain our own mastery. It's not vital to know if you are a Lightworker or not. Just do what feels right in each moment and whatever is, will come to be as is meant.

Q. Someone failed to contact me to arrange repayment of a loan as previously agreed. The explanation they gave, after I contacted them, was they only ever did what felt right in the moment. Repaying me hadn't felt right. I was really shocked because I like to be treated with fairness and I do not believe that the end justifies the means, or gives anyone an excuse to treat someone this way. I would value your comments.

A. Integrity of word and action is a great key to our spiritual evolution. But that aside, I would wonder why I had attracted it. Was it perhaps showing me some reactions to release? By reactions I mean thoughts and emotions that throw us off balance and into our lower subtle bodies. From a higher perspective we are continually asking the universe to show us our reactions so we can release them. So, maybe rather than focus on the detail of that situation, I would concentrate on 'letting go' of any thoughts and emotions it has brought to the surface. Once you have let go of the reactions, then with only unconditional love present in your heart - the universe will rearrange the situation and you will know how to proceed from that point.

Q. Do angels live human lives sometimes?

A. My understanding is that beings from the angelic line of evolution do incarnate sometimes. There seems to be mainly two reasons for this. 1. Some angels take on human form when it will best serve humanity better to do so. 2. Some angels have evolved sufficiently via the angelic learning route and then decide to gain experience in the harsher energy of human learning. It's a tougher route and quite different than they have been used to.


Q.  How is 'time' speeding up and we are losing days, minutes, and seconds? How do you know?

A. Losing time happens when a planet is moving in its evolution toward an ascended state. This occurs to every living thing in the universe as their vibrational energy is raised/quickened to the appropriate frequency to ascend. When in the ascension process, a planet begins to spin faster and faster as it increases its light frequency. Its molecular structure changes. Every molecule within the sphere of the planet is affected, including all matter: plants, people, animals, trees, clocks, etc. 

The third and fourth dimensions contain the concept of 'linear' time. When a planet is ascending it's moving toward a realm where there is no time. So, as the Earth moves toward the 5th dimensional, time slowly disappears. She continues to lose time until she is fully in the 5th dimension. Then she is beyond linear time and is in a space of only 'now', no 'before' or 'after'. We can all achieve stepping out of the time frame by just being in the now moment.

Anyone can check in on the current time loss. One needs to stay in the flow as much as possible to access highest truth. It only requires discipline to maintain that highest link source. It is achieved by not being negative or judgmental, being continually discerning and maintaining your own personal high vibrational space.


Q. I read a channelling that said people who thought this was their last life here on Earth are in for a surprise because it isn't. I'm confused. I was thinking this was my last life on Earth, but maybe I'm going to be staying for a while on the new Earth?

A. As with all channellings, we need to discern what is true for us. When hearing or reading anything, check in to yourself; does it resonate as true; does it make your heart sing or sink?

My experience shows the Earth is fast becoming a 5th dimensional planet (5D). She will then join the Association of Worlds with the other 5th dimensional planets in this universe. There will be no third dimension here at all. Once she has ascended, the people who will then be resident on the new 5D Earth will be those who have chosen to ascend with her. So that means some, but not all, of her current population. Most lightworkers will be returning home prior to the Earth becoming a 5D planet. However, anyone can change their mind and stay. Everything is a choice.


Q. How do I know which meditations to do?

A. I found the following suggestion quite apt.

If you're going to be a global consciousness creator, then here are some guidelines for creating the world reality you seek:

1. Before you tune into a meditation, check how you feel about it. Does it feel right to participate? Are you in a good, clear energy space to participate? Are you coming into it with any judgements, concerns or upsets about this subject or anything else for that matter?

2. Once you know it feels right for you to do and you're on for it energetically, then tune your frequency, your energy fields to the place where the perfect outcome already exists. Peace in every heart. Paradise on Earth. Abundance for all. .

3. Are you aware that there are two distinct energy matrixes to link to? One is the energy matrix of the old 3D world that is full of the horror/trauma/drama and the other is the energy field of paradise, heaven on Earth, the reality that many of us are now living fully every moment of every day. Which one would you consciously choose to give your energy to?

4. If you've chosen for paradise, then intend it, relax, and enjoy the wonderful feeling of what you've always dreamed of moving now into reality. The energy begins to sing in your heart. The world is a wonderful and beautiful place. And every moment of being on this Earth is a pure and precious gift of life. Together we can create what alone we can only dream. S Green

Q. A friend of mine is organising an ascension gathering. Can I put a poster or details on your website or up at your workshop?

A. I get many similar requests. Unfortunately, I don't have time to examine them all. As I don't wish to advertise something that may have negative connections (often unknown to the organiser) I decided not to allow this. So sorry, this may seem tough as many events are very valid. However, there are also events, even major ones, which are connected to non optimum sources and programmed to end in a negative result.


Q. I am constantly aware of being discerning and have trusted information from specific people. However, I now have a conflict of material between two people I trust and am not sure what to do?

A.  If anyone can say something that can throw you into doubt, perhaps its time to check if you are in your own power, discernment and truth. It saves us a lot of trouble if we don't accept anything that doesn't personally resonate as true on all levels. In this way, we regain our mastery and don't get thrown easily by the amazing array of conflicting data on the planet.


Q. How can I align myself only to the highest Light?

A. Do the following decree three times through - use the exact same words each time.

‘By Divine Decree, In the Name of God, I Am One with Divine Creation and through this Presence, I invoke the Sacred Violet Flame, to transmute in this moment - every thought, condition, link, pattern, attachment, alliance, connection or allegiance to any negative Being, energy or object - that I have made - knowingly or unknowingly - in this Universe, where this is not in accordance with the Highest Source of All Creation and the Divine Plan for Earth.

I Am now fully aligned in all my lower and higher bodies to the Highest Source of All Creation.

I further state that I give permission under Universal Law for any and all sacred codes and mathematical programmes that I am responsible for, that I carry, have carried or will carry, to be brought NOW into a state of purity in accordance with Divine Order and to be held in such a state forever, in accordance with Divine Higher Will.’   

After the third time, then say - ‘ So be it.   It is done.’


Also, another simple invocation we can use for our protection is ‘I invoke the Gold Ray of Christ for my total protection.’ This would be said three times.


Q. What are dimensions?

A. A dimension is a band of energy or frequency of Light. Within each band (dimension) the densest energy is at the bottom and the lightest at the top. Think of 13 dimensions (or bands of energy) existing in the universe. Actually the dimensions are all superimposed on each other, but it's easier to think of it like a stack of blocks, one on top of the other. The top dimension, being the 13th, has a very high frequency of light, but still has within it lightest energy at the top and densest at the bottom.   

3rd Dimension is the world of matter we see around us and it is quite dense. It still contains the range from lightest to densest. I guess most of us have been in locations where we experienced feeling very light or very heavy.

4th Dimension. Here one can operate as Spirit (without a body) but with quite a limited perspective of the overall picture of truth. Much of the 4th dimension, particularly the denser section called the astral plane, has events similar to those seen on Earth. We are currently transiting the 4th dimension, as the Earth and we release many emotions.

5th Dimension is considered to be the first level of Ascension. This is the level where one truly operates as Spirit and obtains a reasonable view of the overall scheme of things. It's high enough to be out of the lower 'thought/emotional/pain' band.

People can only see in dimensions that match their own energy or light vibration. As one becomes more aware and enlightened (through unconditional love), one can see into other dimensions and higher levels of truth. Gradually one lets go of being located in dimensions with denser energy than oneself - and moves on to learn new things in higher energy dimensions of Light.


Q. Many of your articles indicate that we are ascending to the fifth dimension from our current third. Why aren't we ascending to the fourth dimension? Other sources I've read indicate we're currently in third density (dimension) and moving to fourth density.

A. Earth is a third dimensional planet with the 4th dimension wrapped around her. (The 4th dimension is a storage area for emotions; the Earth's and ours.) So, instead of Earth being a 3rd and 4th dimensional planet, she will be a 5D planet surrounded by 6D. This is the normal evolutionary pattern for all 3D planets as they ascend. They already have a 4th dimension around them which has been part of their experience, so it would not be an evolutionary move for them to become a 4D planet. Evolution takes you beyond where you already are. The state of Ascension only begins at the 5th dimension. This is because it contains a high enough frequency of light to allow us to move beyond our emotions. So technically one cannot ascend to the 4th.


Q. I have a being psychically attacking me. I have been listening to tapes to awaken my light body and it helped a lot. But this being put something on my head and is trying to block my inner sight and hearing. He also shows up in my meditations and especially in my dreams.

A.  There are books around on psychic attack. But just briefly, the main causes for psychic attack are: 1. Our own karma. This means we've done the same thing to someone else in a previous incarnation. 2. Our own negative thoughts, judgements and criticisms. This creates holes and tears in our aura which allows 4th dimensional (astral plane) entities to get close to us. 3. We've made an energetic connection to someone who is closely aligned to the astral plane. This can happen when we admire someone and hand our power over to them, perhaps believing them to be more than us. 4. We wondered what a psychic attack would feel like - and as we are creators we managed to create it!

The steps to take would be:

1. Clear and strengthen the aura, which can be done using light visualisation, colour, sound, flower essences, etc. It is also essential to begin a programme of positive thoughts. Once our aura is cleansed, keep it that way. Have a good look at any negative thoughts, criticisms or judgements you may be having - about yourself or others. These thoughts and actions damage your aura which create holes that allow 'astral beings' into your space.

2. You can also visualise white light pouring all over you to help repair and strengthen the aura. Vibrational essences are good for this also, such as Bach Flower remedies.

3. Do the following decree. Get very still - centred - and be as powerful as you possibly can. If you are in your own power and demanding it with a bit of authority (mastery) then saying it one time should be enough. Do as you feel best.

Say the following a total of three times.

‘I invoke my mighty I Am Presence of my highest evolution’.

Wait a couple of minutes. In an authoritative voice, aloud - say:

‘In the name of God, under universal law and the law of karma, I order any and all beings anywhere in my space, my house, my physical body or anywhere else impinging upon me - other than my own I Am Presence, Ascended Masters, twin flame and angels that I have agreed may be in my space - to leave now, never to return and never to replace themselves with another being. I demand it now. You are in violation of the universal law of Non interference.’

Q. Why do things happen to young innocent people?

A. There is a higher picture to everything that occurs in life. This applies to our own personal lives, to each country and to the planet as a whole. The higher reason something happens to us is often not visible when we just see a 3D view of it. But there is a reason we can't see the higher reason things happen to us. It's to learn and grow more. We can learn better through 'not knowing'. For example, perhaps if we'd all been able to see the higher picture about Princess Diana's death and had known that she had chosen to die at that time and in that way, it may not have brought up to the surface the same deep level or range of emotions (e.g. shock, puzzlement and sadness) as it did across the planet. The way it was presented to us helped produce masses of clearing in millions of individuals. If we believe in past life incarnations, then it is quite likely that a child has just had a previous incarnation. All the events of that lifetime would be carried into the child's new incarnation. Learning and karma can be spread over many lifetimes, so acts we do in one life can end up being processed lifetimes later. Karma balances our energy and is a way for us to learn through personal experience. There are also many instances where a child works off their parent's karma. And many where the child chooses to suffer some malady in order to help their parents/family come to a greater place of understanding, compassion and love.

Q. I know about decrees and saying them three times, but a friend I respect told me they can be just done once. Can you tell me why it needs three times?

The Right to Decree is offered to the light force on Earth to permit them, as inhabitants of Earth, to make a statement of higher will, including requesting the higher realms of light to act on their behalf. A decree needs to be said three times, using exactly the same words each time, without stumbling. If one stumbles over a word, the entire decree needs to be started all over again. Providing one is in a place of peace and stillness when saying the decree, it would need to be said only once (but 3 times through). Unlike affirmations, which need to be repeated in order to re-programme the mind. A decree, if said only once, changes its status to an Invocation. The reason for it being said three times is to access the Power of Three. This is a requirement under Universal Law for an accurate placement of the request or statement being made, when this statement is being asked by an incarnated Light force upon Earth. There are various mathematical locations for requests similar to this, from other sectors of the universe. The requirement of three, allows those requests specifically from Earth to be placed correctly and handled by the appropriate ascended light realm masters. The power of three is a very high level frequency of vibration, as seen in the Holy Trinity (3) or the Three fold flame or the statement ‘When 3 or more are gathered in my name,’ or three pointed symbols. The fact the ‘power of three’ is being used, adds to the frequency of the decree, allowing it to more easily pass into the higher frequencies of light. It also sets up the blueprint for humanity to be able to decree themselves as individual humans on Earth move to the correct frequency to be able to hold this right.


Q. A friend went on spiritual journey conducted by one of the main spiritual leaders. My friend said it was really mentally tough for them. How can that happen?

Spiritual, mental and emotional difficulties could arise from the following:

1. Someone did not intuitively choose to go on the journey – but made a ‘head or ego’ choice.

2. They may be substituting for someone else who was meant to go but didn’t. In this case, they will have some of the tools necessary but not as many as the person who was originally meant to go – and they may well not have the wisdom or experience that the original person has, that helps them cope with the job. We all have substitute people who go in our place (in important matters) - when we don’t follow divine order. Another light worker has to step in. This seems to be a part of most original contracts – especially Starseeds.

3. Someone is meant to be there, but has not prepared sufficiently in their life - or has not correctly followed the procedure they were told to do before the journey.

4. The person is meant to be there but is not staying intuitive and following the rules while they are on that journey.

5. The person is meant to be there – but it’s also meant to present learning for them to advance the soul further.


Q. There seems to be a lot of disturbing weather patterns. 

A. The Earth is cleansing her lower bodies (physical, emotional, etc.). Her chosen preference is to use light to do this. It is a beautiful way to cleanse and transmute energy. Natural disasters also cleanse but cause pain and suffering in the process. Thoughts control light. Lightworker's thoughts are very powerful. So, being positive and not agreeing to negative outcomes is important. If we keep focusing on spreading Light and don't go into agreement with ideas that we need huge physical cleansings of the Earth, that will help considerably. Trust that all is well and in divine order. Incidentally, there have always been disturbing weather patterns as the Earth mother has used this method of cleansing to keep in balance for a very long time. She has just been waiting for the Lightworkers to awaken, so she could then cleanse with Light.

Q.  I have attracted a situation into my life but I don't recall having the thought that would have created that. So how can it happen?

A. We certainly need to be aware of our thoughts. Somewhere, somehow, you would have had that thought and it is still around. Thinking something is almost like requesting it from the universe. The universe will happily support our thoughts and belief patterns, even if they are still hanging around from previous lives. As well as having to deal with our past thoughts that can still be present, we have new ones as well. Sometimes negative thoughts pass by so fast they hardly register. They are often the most powerful. We need some discipline to catch our negative thoughts and flood them with light to transmute them to positive energy. In these final ascension days, time is collapsing. That means the time between us thinking a thought and seeing it manifest in our life can be very fast. When you see an event happen in your life, see if you can spot the thought you had just prior to it happening.


Q. I mean to work on clearing my own issues but I get so distracted.

A. I don't think you are alone there. Probably most of us do that. It's so much easier to watch TV, go shopping, etc. than to confront ourselves or life issues. But surely that is just part of our learning. One day, we leave the distractions for a moment and face part of ourselves. Then we do it another time and another. Eventually, we all get around to all of it. That's evolution and the fun and adventure of it all. The enjoyment of it all depends on our attitude to events and whether we can live without judging ourselves. And instead, see every one of life's experience as an opportunity to see who we are by the way we respond.


Q. There is much about the Creation that I understand, but I think there is even more that I do not.

A. Sounds very wise to me. I think that applies to most of us. We can give thanks and feel blessed for the understanding we already have and also be excited about the discoveries we are still to make. Isn't it wonderful? What a great journey we are on, and how much greater it is if we enjoy it and can laugh at ourselves along the way. It is usually the case that if you need any particular knowledge, the universe will present it to you at the right time. Just enjoy the glory of this incredible journey we are on.

Q. I have some concerns about a particular guru. Could you please tell me your opinion of....?


A. At this special time on Earth, I feel it is important we each use our own wonderful gifts of perception and discernment. This helps us attain the mastery we require to ascend. I don't like to give my view on specific individuals or groups, as it wouldn't really assist anyone with their goal of self empowerment. It would only be my view anyway. We must each seek and find our own truth. However, it is an important area and certainly worth the time to examine the connections we have made. Aligning one's energy, even slightly, to a non optimum source, can create effects for the individual that could last well beyond this lifetime. Things are not always as they appear, but nothing is hidden for those who look with uncluttered eyes. See something as it really is, without fixed ideas and beliefs. There will always be wisdom in keeping your own council and going beyond the group think. For myself, although I work with the Ascended Masters I tune in direct to Source/All That Is for highest truth and prefer not to divert my focus or energy via any person, group or object.


Q.  I have difficulty understanding the continual turmoil and wars that exist in the world.

A. Yes, the learning that takes place in a third dimensional world can seem harsh at times. A 3D planet offers a very broad scope of experiences to learn from. Although it seems unlikely anyone would choose to become injured or suffer, we do just that. That doesn't mean we consciously choose it. It's not like saying, 'Well, I think I will be mugged or raped today'. But in the broader scheme of things, somehow we do decide. We choose the events that happen to us. We do this either through having thoughts or belief patterns or we may have seen from a higher perspective that a particular experience will offer us greater spiritual understanding and growth. We often choose tough situations to give us the greatest and fastest growth. However, it's not always an individual thing. Learning also takes place for whole countries, nationalities, religions and internationally to the planet as a whole. A country or a specific religious group could be at war as part of its own growth or karma balancing. The individuals involved will be those who have chosen to be a part of that. Keep in mind there is always a higher picture to all events.


Q. How can I love everyone and do I really have to?

A. Start by loving just one person - you. This love will be unconditional. There will no judgement that you are overweight, too thin, not so bright, not really happy, no thoughts about what family and others have told you in your life. Drop all such considerations. Let them float away with the breeze, then move on from there. It's not as hard as it may seem to love people. Once you stop judging and allow people to just be however they are, it gets easy. You create your own life, your own destiny. I believe there is no comparison to a life lived disliking people and to one lived through love. Simply by loving, you can bring yourself all the joy you could wish for.


Q. Do you have some wise words you live by?

A. Words taken from wiser souls - 'Enlightenment is the continuous realisation that life experience is a mirror of our beliefs' and another helpful one in times of troubles I believe originated in the Hebrew tale of King Solomon is 'This too shall pass'. And moment by moment, we can check before we act or speak. We can ask ourselves, 'Is this going to create joy?  A daily affirmation could be ‘Create joy wherever I go.’ Imagine if everyone did this. Some words I channelled have helped me find direction. 'Does it make my heart sing or sink?' 'Everyone is doing the best they can with the data they have at hand'. 'Everyone on Earth is helping everyone else.'


Q. I am feeling rather flat, lost and confused.

A. The first thing I would do would be to look within. These are simply emotions and the obvious thing is to immediately flood them with Light and release them. Then I would check to see if I had cut myself off from Source/the Universal Consciousness? Am I failing to trust or failing to follow my inner resonance and excitement; has my integrity slipped; am I ensuring my vibrations remain high; am I feeling like a victim any place; am I judging anyone anywhere; am I spotting the signs of lower level interference (e.g. unusual thoughts, lot of attention on sex, etc.); have I connected to an energy/channel/guru that is not an ideal Light energy; and so on. Such emotions need to be released, whatever they are! As we know, all lower vibrational emotions are coming to the surface to be released in the individual and the planet. They aren't a product of 'extra negativity on the planet.  The only reason someone lines aren't 'open and clear,' is that they are doing something to make the lines muddy in some way. Rather than sit back and wait for months until 'someone else' clears this 'apparent' extra negativity that somehow got its way into the plan, it may be an idea to act in one's mastery and do something now, to make sure we proceed forward in each moment with our maximum light potential. NOW.


Q. Is all channelling useful?

A. All channelling has some purpose. Sometimes, the use is only for the exact person receiving it. It could offer them lessons in discernment and learning not to give their power away Some channellings definitely take power away from the individual with inferences that 'someone else is in control and we need to reply on them for information'. Often subtle, even often well intentioned, but definitely not a high level of Light. When dealing with highest truth, naturally nothing and no-one can 'stop' information. Universal truth simply IS and is everywhere. We only need to be vibrating at a sufficient level to access it - and 'channelling it through any specific energies is not a requirement.


Q. Should I channel answers for my problems?

A. It is common for many people to 'channel' their answers to problems. But it may be better for them in the long run to put in the discipline necessary to regain their own mastery by ensuring we apply spiritual truth to every moment of our everyday life. While it requires a bit of discipline initially, fortunately it gets easier and easier to do. A bit of integrity goes a long way. Total integrity and we soar! Channelling our personal solutions can encourage people to sit back with an 'answer' and fail to take responsibility for their life. Of course, it is the individual’s choice whether to believe it or not. But many opt for the easy route out!


Q. Is there an answer to doing it the right way?

A. Trusting the perfection of the world is presenting circumstances for your highest good. Even when the experience doesn’t feel so good!! 

Not needing to control things. Despite the mind wanting to plan every last detail!!

Knowing you create all the events of your life. Even the unpleasant ones!!

Seeing and accepting what ‘is.’ Even when that hurts!!

Selectively choosing to be with people who feel right. And removing from your life anyone doesn’t make your heart sing!!

Allowing Light to flow freely through you and trusting the universe will place it where it can best serve. Beats rushing around to every meditation going!!

Knowing you already have all abilities you need to do what you came here to do on a personal or planetary level. Yes, you did come here already fully equipped!!

Loving people despite the way they treat you. Often harder to do than making them feel bad about their actions!!


Q. Can you explain what discernment is?

A. It may seem a little tricky, but it is actually quite simple. It is a question of the space we operate in. The very best way to be discerning is to be in your own power.

If we recognise and accept that we are evolved spiritual beings and have a great capacity to instantly know what is truth for us – then there is no difficulty in discerning what is highest truth. Truth sings to our heart. When we are truly being ourselves – we know that we can know whatever we need to know in any given moment, to complete our functions here.


In a space of centeredness and self confidence, surrendering to the effortlessness of Divine Order - we simply read or listen to any and all data – from any source –


a) from the heart/intuition

b) knowing it is just one way to obtain our answers

c) without being in awe or impressed by who is telling it

d) accepting only that which resonates deep within us

e) dismissing anything that doesn’t resonate, without judgement or anything other than  unconditional love

f) being aware that if even 1% of it doesn’t resonate -  then that 1% is to be dismissed


Trust your inherent ability to know what you know. We always KNOW.  However, we sometimes throw it away, by believing ourselves to be ‘less than’ someone else.


Q. I get confused with dimensions and density levels?

A. As we all wend our way toward a greater understanding of this miracle we are in, we take on board many of those labels you mentioned. And although labels can help a lot, they can also cause confusion. It would be interesting to see how much confusion would drop away if we all just thought of it as ‘all living things evolving, by increasing their vibration.’ But, perhaps it wouldn’t be so exciting!

The labels each of us accept are usually gathered from teachings we have come across in our search. The things you mention re 7 densities of Creation, 4th density is Love, etc. I presume are someone’s teachings you have accepted.

One thing you will come to know is that there is a wide variance of understanding and channelling about the process of life. This is natural as each of us sees or receives from a different place of being. Also our reality is constantly changing as our understanding of the greater picture increases, so what can be clear one day, disappears into another truth the next day. Such a wondrous journey of discovery.

Generally speaking, the term ‘density’ in the way you use it, could be substituted for ‘dimension’. But the word ‘density’ to you has certain teachings attached to it, so it probably won’t work so well to make that substitution.

I just see it a slightly different way than you do, that is all. It is not important. What is important is that each of us accepts our own inner understanding. Every so often I check to see if I am still following my own true experience and personal understanding or if I have bought into anyone else’s ideas or belief patterns. This helps me keep my own truth. I haven’t read a spiritual book for around 20 years, for the same reason. I prefer to become one with the universal consciousness that is available to all of us when we are able to be still and stay out of the mind.

My understanding is that there are more than 7 dimensions in the physical universe. Some are related to the human form/chakras/incarnated beings. But there are other higher vibrational (finer) dimensions not directly related to incarnated people. If you think about it, it makes sense. There has to be higher levels of awareness than directly involves the learning dimensions of energy of the 3rd dimension (although everything is ultimately inter-related.)

You believe the Earth is heading for the 4th dimension and I feel it is the 5th. If this is what you feel in your heart is pure truth for you, then I would stick with it. We both know it doesn’t matter which label you or I put on it, because what is, is. The Earth is ascending.

I agree with you that people who wish to continue learning in a 3D plane will go to other places to continue that learning, for it will not be available here. It is completely covered in my book ‘The Awakener’.

I guess the best way for all of us ultimately is to keep out of our questioning mind as much as we can and find the answers in the stillness.


Q.  Can you speak about the various channels on the planet?

A. Many of the channellings on the planet are done from an intention to help. But a great deal depends on the person channelling the information who needs to be free of ego and be able to stand back and examine the words they are channelling to check for themselves whether this resonates as highest truth or not.

All channelling has a purpose. Often to pass information. This can be specific to the person receiving it or for the many. It can also be offering us lessons in discernment. Content that does not resonate with us could be teaching us not to give our power away. Sometimes the content in channellings take power away from the individual with inferences that someone else is in control and that we need to rely on them for information'. It’s quite common actually. It’s often subtle, often even well intentioned, but that is not always the case.

When dealing with highest truth, nothing and no-one can 'stop' information. Universal truth simply IS and is available everywhere. It is offered on many levels from the Astral Plane upwards. The higher truths are channelled from higher levels, 7th dimension, etc. A person wishing to channel higher truth needs to have their own energy vibration sufficiently high enough to access the highest levels.

It’s common for people to 'channel' answers to their own problems, from specific discarnate beings. This can sometimes encourage people to sit back and fail to take responsibility for their life. As soon as possible, it’s good to become your own Divine connection to Source. Putting in the discipline necessary to do this helps us regain our own mastery and ensures we have spiritual truth in every moment of our lives. Sometimes tricky at the beginning, it gets easier and easier to do. A bit of integrity goes a long way to assist this. If we live in total integrity, then we soar!


Q. You have mentioned a Guru and a channel that were not of the Light they claimed to be. Who are they?

A. The difficulty with 'naming names' is that it is only the perspective of that person. Truth has no validity unless it has been examined and found it to be your truth also. We are always encouraged to go within and seek our own counsel and discernment. In this way, mastery is achieved. The channel and the guru have so many followers, as to warrant disbelief. Channelled material is often subtle in its portrayal. However, we are all capable of checking our inner guidance instead of blindly believing and following.


Q. What is Christ Consciousness?

A. I think one of the best answers I have ever seen was channelled by a lady called Crea in the USA.


The Christ Consciousness is a level of awareness

where you no longer see error in any action that you do

or in any other human being

but see only the beauty and perfection in all things.

For the Christ Consciousness does not judge,

does not criticize, coerce, tempt does not condone

does not react negatively

For the Christ Consciousness is truly only

true wisdom, Divine truth, true happiness,

unconditional love and total perfection.


You will know when you have reached a level of

Consciousness of the Christ

when you are in a space

where you can smile at every human being

that you confront in your life

without passing any thought or word of judgment,

but look into their eyes,

which is truly the mirror of their soul

and surpass all outer influences of the human nature

to truly see only the beauty that exists in their hearts

which is their own Christed Being.


Q. There is so much bad news around, about the Illuminati and such like. How can we win? 

A. Well, I see it all in a very positive light. As you know all the stuff that has been hidden for so long, is now up on the surface for people to see and take responsibility for and decide if that is what they prefer – from abuse of children and elderly to exposure of GM and the greed of big business. The lightworker teams responsible for exposing hidden stuff have done an excellent job. The apparency of ‘bad’ things is actually a major leap forward in Earths evolution and part of our plan. The test of those teams is to manage to expose things without getting into the emotion of it or to judge it – but to remain detached. Many succeed, some do not. The same requirement of course applies to the whole light team.

As long as we all realise that the 3D scene is just a very limited view of what is really going on – and stay in trust knowing there is always a higher picture to every single event in our life, anyone’s life or the life of the planet -and that picture is perfect. Not always easy, but so important as the minute we go into agreement with the 3D reality, we lower our own light vibration and then are no longer creating at our most optimum.

 As I was told once. if you can stay centred and balanced when it may seem as though World war 3 was breaking out around you, you are in your mastery.

I see a beautiful world and great success by the huge Light team that came here – we delivered.


Q. Will we be helped to release our negativity?

A. We are always being helped but basically it is a ‘do it yourself affair’ here. That is the way to mastery. If we were always helped, how would we ever increase our mastery. I recently saw a channelling where we were being told there was ‘extra negativity’ on the planet and we were all suffering, feeling flat, lost and confused. It suggested that help was coming soon to handle the negativity and our sad state of emotions.

My suggestion would be that if someone had such emotions surfacing, then they need to be released, whatever they are! As we know, all lower emotions are coming to the surface to be released in the individual and the planet. They aren't a product of 'extra negativity on the planet. As we know, it would not be ideal to ‘sit back and wait for months till 'someone else' cleared this 'apparent' extra negativity that somehow got its way into the plan!! With all things, act in your own mastery and do something right now about any condition you see I your self or the planet that needs correcting – and proceed forward in each moment with maximum light potential. NOW!

I ever felt flat, lost or confused, I would be looking within immediately. First of all, these are simply emotions and the obvious thing to immediately do is to flood them with Light and release them. Then I would be asking if I have cut myself off from the Universal Consciousness? Where am I --- failing to trust, failing to follow my inner resonance and excitement, where has my integrity slipped, am I continuing to ensure my vibrations remain high, am I feeling like a victim anyplace, judging anyone anywhere, am I spotting the signs of lower level interference - (i.e.. unusual thoughts, a lot of attention on sex, etc.) have I connected to an energy/channel/guru that is not an ideal Light energy, etc. etc?


Q. A friend went on spiritual journey conducted by one of the main spiritual leaders. My friend said it was really mentally tough for them. How can that happen? 

A. With difficulties – spiritually, mentally and emotionally – that may be experienced. I think there are a few reasons this can happen.  

1. Someone did not intuitively choose to go on the journey – but made a ‘head or ego’ choice.

2. They may be substituting for someone else who was meant to go but didn’t. In this case, they will have some of the tools necessary but not as many as the person who was originally meant to go – and they may well not have the wisdom or experience that the original person has, that helps them cope with the job. We all have substitute people who go in our place (in important matters) - when we don’t follow divine order. Another light worker has to step in. This seems to be a part of most original contracts – especially Starseeds.

3. Someone is meant to be there, but has not prepared sufficiently in their life - or has not correctly followed the procedure they were told to do before the journey.

4. The person is meant to be there but is not staying intuitive and following the rules while they are on that journey.

5. The person is meant to be there – but it is also meant to present learning for them to advance the soul further.


Q. How do I detach?

A. Make the decision to do so. You could affirm the following.

Today I will commit myself to detachment.

I allow myself and others the freedom to be as they are. I will not impose my ideas, nor force solutions to problems – for this only give more problems.

I will participate in everything with detached involvement.

Uncertainty is an ingredient of my experience. In my willingness to accept uncertainty, solutions will spontaneously emerge out of the problem, confusion, disorder and chaos. However I uncertain I feel, I will remain feeling secure. Uncertainty is a part of the path to freedom. Through the wisdom of uncertainty, I will find my security.

I will step into the field of all possibilities and anticipate the excitement that can occur, when I remain open to an infinity of choices.

When I step into the field of all possibilities, I will experience all the adventure, magic and mystery of life.

Sandy Stevenson



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