Are you drawing the best life for yourself

 and the planet?



Remember the song in ‘My Fair Lady’ - ‘Words, words, words, I’m so sick of words’. We’ve heard many words about ‘all things spiritual’. Maybe some are now sitting back complacent and contented that we’ve ‘been there, know that’. We do know a lot but maybe not quite all. We are on Earth as a team, a force of Light that needs everyone to be on board. So perhaps you could read this anyway, and if you don’t need it, maybe you know someone who does. After all, we want to finish this show with everyone crossing the finishing line, don’t we?

We are creators. All of us. Incredibly powerful and aware. If you ever wonder why you keep hearing certain messages, it’s because they need to be repeated. The only time any message will stop is when we no longer need to hear it. We can hear things so often we can really believe we know it. I was talking the other day with a lady about creating our lives. She said ‘Oh yes, I know that’. A few minutes later in the same conversation, she expressed her deep fears about the Egyptian demonstrations as she and husband had arranged a holiday there in December (5 months away). She spoke of how terrible it all was and said they would probably cancel. I leave you to decide if she understood that we can create what we prefer rather than what we do not.

We are the artists drawing our own lives. We create with our thoughts and beliefs! We are the directors and the producers. We do the casting and we are the actors. In every moment we are deciding how our individual and collective lives will be. This is not just some fanciful idea, it’s a fact! It’s a law of the universe. It’s called ‘The Law of Creation’. There’s no escaping it. Whether our thoughts are negative and fearful, or positive and loving, we are creating everything that happens in our life. What we think, say and believe is what we get. We are that powerful! Despite what we may wish, our life is being drawn by us. The world we see is exactly what we collectively design it to be; all of the time.

Our personal evolutionary progress is entirely dependent on us fully grasping this concept of creating. Only when we truly understand that we create the events in our life with our thoughts, can we put in the discipline required to be the most positive person we can be and create the world we prefer.

One of the requirements, and a vital part of personal ascension, is to gain a true and deep understanding of this concept. It isn’t enough to pay lip service to this idea. We need to live it and breathe it. If we don’t fully know we are creating our world with our thoughts, won’t life’s events seem random and confused? The universe assumes we know we are powerful creators, so nothing is adjusted to allow for errors. Our world expects that we know that what we think and say is what we create and what we get. The choice each of us has is whether we want to create consciously or unconsciously. Simple, but profound.

You may have heard the old saying, “Two men looked out from prison bars, one saw mud, the other stars”. Same view but a very different viewpoint. You could say that both men exist in a parallel reality, and each saw what the other didn’t. Both have chosen their route - their destiny. Generally speaking, one is on the ascension path and the other is creating a future of 3D learning. Let me point out that neither of these paths are good or bad, right or wrong. One is not better than the other. Everyone has the right to take however long they wish for their own evolution. They won’t run out of other players. There will always be others sharing 3D experiences and getting lessons on some planet somewhere. And after all there is no time once we leave these lower planes, so nothing we do is really taking any time.

There are several different bands of reality on Earth. This has always been the case, but after 21st December 2012, it was defined into 3 precise bands. One of the bands on Earth is quite dense and involves people who find things bad and scary and believe the planet is going to pot and heading for destruction. This is a fear based level. The second band is mixed - sees some things as ‘bad’ and others as ‘good’. Then we have the band of reality of ascending beings - who are staying centred and balanced, taking responsibility for their thoughts and actions toward themselves and others, understanding the immense power of their thoughts, and recognising inherently the need to create a positive flow of light from their thoughts. They have grasped an understanding that to agree with anything fear based, even remotely, immediately causes their vibration to densify and reduces their light.

The Divine plan for the ascension of Earth made sure all areas of life on Earth were covered. That requires different teams of Lightworkers to be assigned specific roles. The key to finding our role is by knowing or feeling excitement or interest in a particular area. The continuation of that feeling keeps us tracking on the right path.

Some teams are responsible for exposing all that’s hidden and corrupt on the planet. It’s vital to bring everything to light and is a big responsibility for these teams. They have done brilliantly and we now have 99.2% revealed. We are exposing things way faster than anyone can hide things.

Having discovered hidden material, there is not just ‘one way’ to handle it. So, the individuals and teams need to act intuitively with what is to be done with that information. They may be meant to quietly handle it themselves. It could be that they’re meant to inform a select few people. Perhaps the information is meant to get out on a broader scale - as we see with the recent Wikileaks material. Whichever of these methods is used, it needs to be correctly done. When done incorrectly, it can fail in its goal and cause further damage or setbacks. If one gets involved in their thought processes, they move out of intuition. Or they can get so caught up in their emotions and the drama, they need to tell everyone. This can lead to a failure to check who is meant to hear it. It’s possible to overwhelm with too much information, especially if it’s complicated and uses terms the person is not familiar with.

There is a way these teams need to act with the information they discover - and that is with love, detachment and no judgment. You may think that can’t be done - but I assure you it most certainly can. One remains in a space of love, without fear or judgment and does not pass on fear to others in the exposure of the material. As soon as one becomes attached to the idea or the outcome, they become lost in the limited 3D picture. They can forget that everything has a higher perspective and that their role is simply to expose and inform - while at the same time maintaining their own power and empowering those receiving the information. People have told me they have listened to speakers who portrayed such a grim picture that it left them feeling helpless and apathetic. This not only creates karma for the speaker, it disempowers the listener and consequently assists those they are trying to expose.

On the subject of our thoughts, we have a choice, of course, about how many lifetimes we take to become enlightened. That is our right. That is about our own journey and our personal ascension and choosing thoughts that are either leading us home or heading us toward more lifetimes of learning and karma balancing.  

But we also have a role as a Lightworker, where our thoughts and actions affect Earth. Many lightworkers are leaders, healers and teachers that others listen to or follow. It is easy to say ‘Well, I just put it out there and then it’s up to people to discern and dismiss what doesn’t feel right’. This doesn’t work! It is a cop out. It’s true that people are responsible for themselves and will reap the repercussions of failing to discern and buying into negativity. But that fact does not lessen our responsibility or the karma that is created. Taking responsibility and caring for our fellow human means we don’t transmit material in such a way we can see to cause fear and disempowerment. That doesn’t mean we don’t pass on things that need exposing - but it needs to be done intuitively (or failing that, at least check the material is accurate), and to the right people (or to no-one if that is ones inner guidance). It needs to be done in a way that increases and does not lower the vibration of light of the recipient. There is another point worth making. It behoves no-one any good to ‘assume’ that others will be discerning with what you send out. They may but they also may not. If you have a level of fame, the level of discernment applied seems to lessen accordingly. But therein lies another lesson for the lightworkers. You don’t know what level of understanding every individual has who may receive what you are saying - even if you think you know. As we know, many children graduating from years of education often can’t spell or use grammar correctly. Assuming all Lightworkers will act in mastery can reap karma on our own head. A good one to remember is to ‘assume’ makes and ‘ass out of u and me.’ Of course, we miss things and maybe pass on non optimum material - no-one get its right every time - but we can do our best. 

I recall quite some time back now, there was a lady delivering an excellent level of channelling that reached out across the world. When she channelled she ‘surrendered’, which as we know, aside from ensuring one is actually channelling higher levels, is a major requirement to be able to receive without beliefs the channel may personally hold, getting in the way. I met this lady, a very nice person, and soon noticed that when she stopped channelling, the ego kicked in. In this case, it was not a self important aspect (as we see in some cases) but one of insecurity, fears and negativity. If there is one thing I have learned, it’s that if we want to keep our vibration at a high level to continually receive accurate higher truth, we need to be operating in the flow 24/7 remaining positive and detached. People who hear high levels of truth being channelled, have a tendency to then trust anything said by that person. As in the case mentioned, the lady also delivered workshops and other material that were not channelled and contained very misleading information. This lady disappeared from the scene many years ago. Not even a Google search can find a trace of her and as we know Google can find anything. I swear one day it will tell me what I had for dinner! Personally, I love Google.  

We have well known Light speakers on Earth whose key job it is to expose planetary conspiracies. Their responsibility is great - and albeit with the best intention they may have - so is the karma if they get it wrong. The ideal for them and all of us is to keep our lines so clean that we stay in the divine flow at all times and linked to our own divine guidance. Then we can sense more easily whether material is accurate or only partially accurate or maybe even completely wrong. To accept other peoples’ channellings without having our own true inner guidance to act as a cross reference could mean we pass on completely inaccurate material. We are all aware there is a lot of inaccurate or completely false material distributed daily among lightworkers. We handle that by trusting our own gut and dismissing anything that doesn’t feel right. 

If we choose to buy into negative dense energy patterns, it affects our auric field and the light we can absorb or emit. This affects us, others and the Earth itself. It also has a detrimental effect on our level of mastery and inevitably means we don’t carry out our role to the best of our ability. If we buy into fear about something and then pass that fear on to others, either verbally or in our manner or actions, we are not helping them and we are not helping the planet. And the knock on effect can be tremendous.  

I remember when we came to help the Earth ascend. I remember your intention to return home when your work was finished.  

The Earth Mother has ascended - check for yourself - she is not longer here! She left on the 21st December 2012. We did it. Cosmic Beings now hold the Guardianship of Earth. Newer evolved Lightworkers and walk-in’s are here to assist Earth’s Guardians with the remainder of humanity.

The original Starseeds and Lightworkers are now on a wrap-up. I intend to go home, as we planned. It would be a joy for me to see all the original team who came here so long ago, at the celebration banquet!!

I know we all intended to return home when our work here was done. Seek your inner truth to know.  

Let’s finish this show with everyone crossing the finishing line.  

Twin Flames and other worlds await us. 


May you create your truth in the light of God,

Sandy Stevenson