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The Earth Mother originally undertook an agreement to allow humans to use her body (the Earth) as a school for learning through limitation. This agreement was made with great love and compassion and an understanding of the trials that may ensue. It was also to be a learning for the Earth Being herself. As humanity progressed through this learning, certain negative forces came to this planet and began tampering with the genetic patterns of the plant and animal forms. Prior to this, all the flora and fauna of Earth were beautiful and there were no such things as thorns on roses, stinging nettles, poisonous berries or noxious weeds. These things did not develop naturally for the protection of the plants and bushes, for no protection was needed. Animals were changed from herbivores to carnivores.

The Earth Mother requested assistance from the universal forces of Light for both herself and humanity and this was heard by the Highest on High .......

A call went out across the Universe for ……............committed evolved beings who would be willing to perform a series of incarnations upon the Earth, teaching and focusing Light in order to shift the existing imbalance of negative energy present upon Earth. These beings are referred to as the Starseed…… from different galaxies and planes of existence, across universes they came - and they met at the designated place on Orion.

The Lightworkers of Earth, here to undertake the Divine Will of God, are referred to by many names…Archangel Michael’s legionnaires or eagles, Lightworkers and starseeds, lightbearers, rainbow warriors, the Light force or angels, in truth they are all one and equal………......................

The Divine plan for Earth is perfect. Conceived in complete unconditional love, it encompasses every life form on Earth ensuring that all are cared for according to their highest good. Heaven and Earth are combining and Love is coming to Earth. This state is called Ascension……......................

As parts of Maldek littered the galaxy, Earth ended up with some of its species, such as spiders. Most of their species were brown or black in colour. If you are one of those people who are frightened of spiders, just think what it has been like for the spiders. Traumatically uprooted from home and thrown into a place of alien vibration, where most people upon seeing you threw up their hands in horror and tried to kill you! However as with all things, a learning has taken place on both sides. The spiders have adapted and survived and now many of Earth’s’ population feel friendly toward them or at least tolerate them……………..

You will need to release all fears, conditioning, attitudes, any barriers and walls you have created, ….there is an easy way to do this……………….

We have seen many prophesies of great destruction on Earth and talk of huge land masses sinking. Realities that seemed the ‘most probable’ when viewed by Nostradamus and more recently by Edgar Cayce, have since altered and are no longer probable contenders for the future of Earth. Owing to the tremendous work done by the Lightworkers on Earth and the ascended realms of Light, a great change in mass consciousness is occurring…………..

A great responsibility lies in the hands of the Lightworker. It is the power of positive thought. If you agree that the Earth needs to be cleansed in a devastating and traumatic way, then you are adding power to this creation with every utterance and every thought. Every time you tell someone that this is what will happen and they decide to believe it, their energy is also added to this creation. If instead, you see that the Earth may be cleansed gently and easily by being filled with Light, you add power and energy to this reality. Every time you pass on this information to others, more and more energy is added to this reality. The first scenario creating fear, sees people moving inland and storing food supplies. The second reality creates love, positive energy and finds people forming light centres and visualising Light flooding the Earth. There is absolutely no doubt that it is we who decide exactly what will happen to Earth.......................

Another common symptom is that of suddenly having difficulties with eyesight focusing, sending many off to the optician for reading glasses. One day your eyesight is perfect and the next minute you are holding the page further away in order to see it clearly….. ......................This is positive

Many council meetings take place in different sectors and locations during the night, as plans are reviewed and changed to keep in step with the speed of change occurring on Earth. Sometimes you attend as many as three meetings in a night. The higher realms are packed with missionaries attending these meetings. You can’t find a parking space anywhere and the amount of coffee and cigarettes..... (Joke!) ……..These meetings are also the reason you are waking up at 3am and 5am - which is the time the meetings end. Yes, there is time involved. How would it be if you arrived back at 11am in the middle of the office! …………….

It is St. Germain who will overseer the next 2,000 year Aquarian Age on Earth. He assumes this responsibility fully at the end of the century, taking over this role from the being we know as Jesus Christ (his most famous incarnation), who has held this for the two thousand year Piscean Age……………..

Your faith, love and trust are greatly tested in two ways. The first is your ability to maintain a spiritual viewpoint of unconditional love toward any friends, family and beings in the ascended realms who ‘appear’ to have deserted you and let you down. The second is in your trust of the Divine perfection of all things, in your knowing that everything that happens in your life is perfect and for your highest good. This level is the most difficult stage of the testing…………..

The Awakening team generally found themselves ‘thrown in at the deep end’ in preparation for their tasks, with a series of procedures that all happened in the same period of time of weeks, months or years. Their awakening was often sudden and very dramatic……...After all this testing (without you realising you were being tested - if only you had known!!), after having fought your battles alone - having become hoarse from yelling for help (and swearing) and finally giving up on ever getting any help from the higher realms - suddenly when it is all over, you realise that now you are getting help. This becomes evident after a while, as looking back you realise that there is no way you could have put the pieces of yourself back together alone! Not unless you’d been able to retreat somewhere into absolute peace for some time (like a lifetime or two!)…………

Universal Law states that free will and choice is never violated. This means that you would need to accept this offer of karmic absolution, before it can manifest in your life. It is a choice……...

The love between the Twin Flames cannot be described in the language of Earth. It is an absolute state of unconditional love, and beyond the capability of any being whilst incarnated, to envisage or experience this incredible level of love in its fullest capacity. After incarnating here for an extensive period it is sometimes hard to conceive of that magnitude of love. ………

These missionaries have travelled long and far in their learning separated from the Twin Flame. Now for all the ‘old souls’, the journey is completed and no further separation required. Now the two re-join each other and will continue their learning side by side, through the evolution of the higher dimensions……......

Inherently within you now, lies an absolute resolve to complete your mission and do everything you can to bring Earth to the Oneness of Love. The moment is close at hand where you will see All Life go Free. You are but a breath away, from being united Forever with your Twin Flame and Home………….



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