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      Twin Flame                  


I reach beyond visible realms

to find the invisible

transporting me beyond space and time

into our special universe

recognizing who we are

as we touch and know again

the exquisite depths of infinite love.




Every now and again, as we travel our lifetimes of exploration and enlightenment, a rare moment spins us into a new world and changes us forever. Something in the rightness of thought reaches into the vast well of universal consciousness and a synchronicity of events unfolds in a cloud of magical response. Love appears, weaving an indelible impression that merges deep into the soul, destined to become a part of us forever. This eternal love remains quietly dormant, mostly forgotten, but never quite - until one day, the ember sparks anew, reborn in a new time and space, a new identity.

Our old familiar love steps once more onto the stage and into the light of our learning, softly flowing with a warmth of touch that encompasses us in waves of love. A remembrance that reaches deep to the soul, bringing us once again to a joyous understanding and new awareness of being.

Sandy Stevenson   



“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.

I love you simply, without problems or pride:

I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this,

in which there is no I or you,

so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand,

so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close.”

Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets


The love between twin flames cannot be described in the language of Earth. It is an absolute state of unconditional love, and beyond the capability of any being whilst incarnated to envisage or experience this incredible level of love in its fullest capacity. After incarnating here for an extensive period it is sometimes hard to conceive of that magnitude of love. There is absolute love present. As well as this, imagine a situation where you know and understand a person so completely, that there is nothing they could say or do, that would ever upset you. This is because you clearly see the infinite path that has led you both to this point. 


 Twin Flame Meditation Music CD


A Twin Flame is our Beloved Eternal Mate, a complete union of unconditional love. To achieve spiritual wisdom, at times we separate from our Twin Flame. When these separations occur in 3rd and 4th dimensions, the partings are emotional and we bury much of the associated feelings of loss, pain, fear and need. The memory of this tremendous sadness can prevent us re-connecting. This emotion will need to be released, bringing the balance necessary to make your Ascension.

This special and beautiful music is a gift from Archangel Michael, a Dispensation to the Lightworkers of Earth - to assist Twin Flames to re-unite and remain connected until their completion on Earth. The music contains a sequence of notes designed to match the energy vibration of unwanted old buried emotions of loss, fear, pain or sadness connected with your Twin Flame and to bring about a wonderful and joyful re-union. It also assists with greater balance, harmony and love in your life and assists you to complete your Earth goals. It will not interfere with any current or future relationships.

Many of our soul mates are now incarnated, but it is less common for our Twin Flames to be incarnated at the same time as us. Whether your Twin Flame is incarnated or not, the connection is designed to take place on a spiritual level and is very real. In accordance with this special time, all Old Souls on Earth will then remain connected for all eternity.

Listen to the music as often as necessary, until all past trauma is released and the connection with your beloved Twin Flame takes place. It takes as long as  you personally need to release everything. Once you have made the connection, if at any time you lose it just regain your centre and balance once more. Move out of the mind/story and into the intuition/heart place of spirit, in a loving and non judgmental way.

Music, cover and messages all channelled by Archangel Michael. Music created, recorded and produced by Sally Brown. Twin Flame cover painting by Keith English. Cover and tape message channelled  by Sandy Stevenson (spoken by Sally Brown). The beautiful music was composed by Sally (working with Archangel Michael) and is her gift to you.



                   Sally Brown, the Composer, Musician and Producer of the Twin Flame Music.

                     Note: Sally also has beautiful music available that releases the trauma of Atlantis. See 'Announcement Page Two'.




           Keith English  - the wonderful UK Artist of Twin Flame Cover (now Ascended)





A few of many letters received:

The first connection I made was quite incredible. My head was caressed as a swirl of loving energy poured over me.  It was like being kissed by the cosmos. I was cradled in total support. A most incredible experience. I had no expectations, just hope!  L S. UK

The music has filled me with so much joy and love that my simple words cannot possibly describe it. I felt myself lifted to a world of wonderment and loved as never before. B. H. UK

I stopped it happening for weeks, only allowing little bits to release. Then I finally surrendered and up it came. It was uncomfortable, because I had buried a lot of pain. But the bliss and the joy that followed and continues now with me in each day is sublime. I walk as one with the greatest love of my life, filling me with joy and contentment. I do my work with excitement and fun and we know we are together now forever. K. J. UK

I had played it for several weeks and loved the beautiful music, but felt that it was not triggering any releasing process. I had almost given up, when suddenly without warning, a floodgate opened. I sobbed for hours - something I had never done before. A huge releasing took place and I grew lighter and lighter. Relief flooded through me and I knew that a major breakthrough had occurred. A huge layer has gone. Soon it will all be gone and I will make that re-unification with my Twin Flame - I can feel it in my heart.  P. C. Europe

Want a beautiful real episode? I was told by someone who bought the Twin Flame tape that she lent it to a friend and that person was playing it while driving. He was stopped by a traffic policeman for exceeding the speed by 40 km. But instead of penalising the driver the cop stood transfixed and for half an hour listened to the music. That happened on a countryside road. Then he was very eager to have the cassette saying it was just what he needed. He added, "No wonder you failed to notice a road sign for reducing the speed - with such music on. There was no fine to pay!.  Lilije T Lithuania  

I LOVE your twin flame meditation, it is THE BEST meditation on the planet. Narelle. Australia

I am Tania from Malaysia. Recently I attended a healing where your tape was played and I love it!
I have just listened to your tape "Twin Flame Meditation." It is Brilliant. Paul Green UK

I often play your tape as background music and every time a calmness, contentment and peace befalls me. I get all goosy. This inspirational music is real powerful. Not only do I feel the healing power flow through me but my Crown Chakra opens wide whenever Archangel Michael’s special music fills the air. Many heartfelt thanks, Sandy  for enriching my life without even having met you personally yet.  SF QLD



Link to Twin Flame message from Archangel Michael on CD


Details: The Twin Flame CD consists of 20 minutes of really exquisite  music that removes blocks to Twin flame connection. It contains just a brief explanation from Archangel Michael in the beginning. It has a colour cover of the Twin Flame picture shown at top of page with the same picture imprinted on the CD. There is a paper inset with information you will need to read before listening to the music. 


For Twin Flame CD orders:

World Orders

(In stock as at  29th April 2023 = 47 CD’s) 

Twin Flame CD are available in Scotland. They can post it. Please contact:

Contact Alison Grave. Tel:  01577 830595

Email: alisonevegrave@btinternet.com 


PRICE: 8.17 Sterling - plus post and packing. 

US $25 or AUST $20 

P&P costs. UK 2.00    Europe 4.95     Rest of world. 6.95



29th April 2023   A few CD's available in Australia. Please contact Sandy at lightascension@optusnet.com.au






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