Millions of people all over the world took part in an event on the Solstice of 22nd December 2023 to assist the balancing of Earth and to penetrate and release remaining pockets of dense energy anchored in the Earth structure. We were given the opportunity to focus on a frequency of 999, a sound than can penetrate the Earth, but is not inherent in any 3rd dimension. The 999 sound has the power to increase frequency within 3D and quicken the current time line now being played out as humanity frees itself from the reality they accepted as part of third dimensional learning.  

This action required a trust of self and the universe. Those taking part sensed the importance and magnitude of this and followed their heart, and were willing to attempt a task that, for many, was unfamiliar. It required stepping outside their comfort zone and going beyond what was known. Some doubted their ability to do it, some preferred to stick to familiar sounds integrated into a 3D Earth, such as the OM. Those who were able to fully surrender discovered divine order assisted them reach the sound.  

This was a gift from the higher realms of light who have watched the diligence and unfailing dedication of lightworkers on Earth. In acknowledgement of this and having heard our prayers for a faster completion, we were offered a chance to ease our path and quicken the time line. This is our planet and the inhabitants of any planet in the universe direct its interplay and its outcome. We can change the destiny of a planet, and we do that all the time. Our thoughts and intent are the creation of its destiny. What we think, we get.  

Although the mathematically required numbers were not reached in this instance for the stated change to occur across the planet, the immense input, intent, desire and love brought by 4.7 million who took part, has made a big difference to the outcome. Pockets of dense energy were reached and released in locations where sufficient numbers met the requirement for their immediate environment. Overall the addition of 4.7 million adding this higher frequency of 999 into the general Solstice celebrations and prayers that took place, has increased the overall frequency on Earth by 1.1 octaves. It has created a deep sense of peace in all souls that has held strong since the 24 hour local 9am and 9pm timing completed round the world. Regardless of personal or planetary circumstances and events taking place through the Christmas celebration period, those able to sense it will have experienced a quiet, stable peace and inner knowing that all is well. It can be felt permeating out for thousands of miles in all directions. Our intent in the name of Divine Order and the good of all creation holds great power. 

 Thank you for Being the Light.  

Love and blessings, 

Sandy Stevenson (Shantarn)