This really is the most comprehensive and incredible Light Divine plan ever imaginable. It is mind boggling in the intricacy of detail involved that seems to take into account all that is needed to fully clear Earth and humanity of dense energy. It is completely reversing the entire situation on Earth, which if even half of what we hear is true, is way too big to really comprehend. Just as well we arranged a multi dimensional light force and quantum computers to assist us. Even though most of us have been preparing for a long time, it still would not have been easy to handle the really tough stuff.


The Divine goal is to keep raising the light frequency on Earth to bring about a new level of evolution. There is a divine sequence to the awakening of humanity that incorporates many aspects of the Divine Plan.


We can see it would not benefit Earth to be swamped with negative energy created by people’s emotions and judgements if they were to suddenly become aware of the extent of the major global corruption. Most would be unable to assimilate or accept it. It therefore makes a lot of sense to avoid anything that would result in a huge outpouring of negative energy triggered by people’s shock, loss, fear, anger, apathy and judgements. So far, the reveal of the global corruption has unfolded on a gentle gradient, because it had to. But we might be approaching a faster reveal. That could happen if the people who wake up, have been in some way assisting the collective human consciousness to assimilate what is being revealed.


As we know, people who woke up early on received the exposure of information on a gentle gradient. That allowed them to adjust to each new concept being revealed before the next piece came into view. If we look back over the last couple of years, we see that is what occurred. It unfolded step by step. We heard about the rigged US election and its various aspects; Dominion machines; impeachments; the 6th Jan invasion; fake inauguration; new ballot audits in US states; Julian Assange role; the Arizona Ninja audit; we went through ‘Release the Kraken’ days with Rudi, Sidney Powell and Lin Wood exposing and filing multiple law suits which showed us all the corrupt justice system and a fake white house. We heard many incredible things on a gradient that allowed us to assimilate and accept them. We heard about suppressed good technologies; blanket ownership of the media; the true intent of pharmaceutical companies; aliens; Hollywood; clones; movie content; space ships, Tesla energy, actors playing parts, Antarctica; the Vatican; massive gold stored in quantities we can’t even pronounce; the pending collapse of the US dollar; the potential end to fiat currency and the Fed Bank; seemingly all of royalty; pop stars; famous singers; most country’s governments rigged elections; the full dark agenda; the Georgia Guidestones, a zillion different Projects with different names and roles - both light and dark; Schwab; the Deep State; genocide; the families that have been in control; history being nothing like we thought including world wars; Starlink; underground tunnels called DUMBS and their extent and purpose; 5G, red shoes; Freemasons; secret signs and symbols; adrenachrome and lots of millions of children.


We hit the Covid scenario with its hidden agenda and a virus that can’t be isolated; PCR test kits tested at the wrong cycles per minute and its chemical ingredients; being subjected to pressure and bribery to receive a possibly deadly experimental vaccine with ever increasing doses; RAT test kits with its cancer causing chemical of Ethylene oxide; lockdowns; masks; spacial distancing; borders closed; no overseas travel; schools closed; vaccine mandates; QR codes; DNA gathering; world wide freedom rallies; and job losses in every profession.


We have the Ukraine and Russia interaction; China preventing ships loading goods at Shanghai - the biggest shipping port in the world; NATO; the EU; China’s severe lockdowns and its push for Taiwan. And thrown in for good measure was talk of a flat Earth, two suns and a thriving moon and Mars population.


One area after another was presented to us, ultimately leaving us with the certainty that nothing on Earth is as we believed it to be. What this achieved, often without us realising, is we began to release our attachment to 3D reality and its indoctrination. And that is exactly what was intended. In a way, even if some aspects were not true, it still managed to remove lots of rigid ideas we had about what was real. Can you believe we found out all that in such a short space of time? And we survived? We did well, no doubt assisted by our Higher Self and multi dimensional light associates. But it was us who stepped into our power and handled it all without giving up.


Those waking early received all that information at a slow enough pace to handle it. But what happens to people who wake up and have all that information available at once? How will that work for them? We might assume they would be overwhelmed. But I don’t think that will happen. I think those who are already awake have been helping the sleepers temper their reactions.


The people who woke up early processed the information they heard. They got over their shock and emotions, adjusted to it, accepted it as a new reality and moved on. As they went through that process, the blueprint of their actions passed into the collective consciousness of humanity. That means on some level, people still asleep may already know the information before they hear it. Sort of like the hundred monkey syndrome. One gets it, they all get it. That information sitting in the subconscious mind is only a step away from conscious awareness. That can help tremendously to reduce the possibility of a negative energy dump affecting the planet’s frequency. And with ever increasing numbers waking up, it should continue reducing strong negative emotions. That means everyone waking up is helping the overall process, which could allow a quicker reveal of truth. Some people feel that sleepers will be angry when they wake and discover what has been done, but maybe their anger will be dissipated and they will recover easily.


Everything works multi-dimensionally via energy. It all goes hand in hand. The more people wake up, the less resistance to waking. The energy on Earth is constantly changing so it gets easier for people to accept a change in their reality. Light is increasing. More negative energy is being released. More truth is being revealed. More people are detaching from 3D reality which lessens its impact and reality in society. People are assisted to wake up by the lighter energy frequency in their environment. That also makes it easier for them to hear alternative views from friends and family.


We know it is a huge task to turn a planet from corruption to full light. But what may also be a big task is getting Lightworkers to realize they are creators and that their thoughts and actions are powerful. If everyone knew that, the whole 3D scenario would end quickly. The human collective would be bathed in higher frequencies of light, people would totally wake up, their awareness would increase, they would understand what had happened, accept it without trauma and the planet would move fully into a new 5D state of consciousness. If Lightworkers were being intuitive, there would be a massive change on Earth. The universe is constantly pushing us to trust our intuition. It presents us with conflicting views from key people within the truther community to try and force us to stop believing other people and instead find our own truth. There does appear to be some resistance by lightworkers to trusting their intuition. Perhaps that is a lack of faith in the self or it is easier to believe others. That has been the case with humanity for a long time. We will continue to be pushed and pushed until we accept our own intuition.


Discernment and the creation of reality are major areas that need addressing. Many Lightworkers hear or read information, channelled or otherwise, and don’t intuitively sense if it is true, or take the time to check or research it. Many things are automatically believed, even small things. And even sometimes when someone is not sure if something is true or not, they pass it on anyway, often presented as fact! The problem (aside from being karmic) when we do that, is we empower that lie. We are adding our energy and agreement to it. We are making the statement that we agree with it. We are saying it is our preferred reality and we choose to give that idea our support. When we pass on false information, we can be inadvertently supporting the dark goals we are trying to overcome.


We have been informed about the presence of clones. This has been covered in an earlier article, but it didn’t discuss the number of clones and that there may be more than we think. Perhaps a lot more. Take that in before continuing to read!


We know clones do not have a soul. Clones are an artificial human body grown in capsules in the likeness of someone by obtaining two DNA cells. DNA is easy to obtain and can be taken from a drop of blood, PCR test, saliva, etc. The clone is activated by duplicating some of the conscious memory of the soul in a human body, and transferring it to the clone. The soul retains their own full memory, etc. so is not adversely affected by that actual process.


At this time on Earth, we are assisting humanity attain a new state of awareness to advance to a better way of life. But this goal is for humans and not for robots and non life forms. They need to go. Technically removing them is not difficult, but it does present some problems. One being there is some consciousness in the clone. Although it is not a soul, there is an energy fragment that connects it to the original human. That fragment needs to be preserved. This is not hard to do and can be restored later to the original human (whether incarnated or not). Once that fragment has been removed, then the clone can be disintegrated without harming anything. If we were just talking about a few clones, it’s not a problem. But if we are looking at the possibility of maybe millions of clones (perhaps more), that would mean a lot of ‘people’ (no soul) would suddenly disappear. It is possible most of the Chinese army are clones. That could also apply to much of Hollywood, governments and people in key positions. This is not being stated as fact. It is just an idea to ponder on. Removing large numbers of clones would mean a lot of people would go missing which would result in a negative shock impact. The Light Alliance has probably worked out a really good way to do this. The only solution I could think of was a war, where millions go missing in major disasters. Because people expect losses in war, that would have less impact on society. However, there will be other solutions available.


So much is happening globally in every sphere of society. If we take the time to look, there are signs everywhere that the negative corrupt systems are being exposed and dismantled and we now know who is running them. Many of them are gone. Probably Zuckerberg, Musk, Putin, Gates, the Queen all have doubles now and perhaps thousands more. There have been thousands of key industry CEO resignations such as Starbucks, Amazon, GE, Instagram, Uber, Xerox, Hewlett Packard, Subway, etc. The Light Alliance is changing the world. As we would expect, what is actually occurring is not always obvious. To see the truth we need to stand back, detach from the picture presented to us and think it through.


So much around us is fake. Lots of people are not up to date with technological advances of how to make things appear totally different than they are. We are used to thinking what we see is real. The amazing techniques we see in movies are also used in real life to give a false picture. When we don’t know this, we can be easily fooled. Just one minor example used recently by mainstream media was the release of dozens of pictures of bombings and injured people in the Ukraine. Many people researched and matched pictures which clearly showed their previous history from old wars and movie scenes.


There is a lot of talk recently of a major event occurring. It might be connected to war. We always we need to remain aware that our thoughts can create things. But let us assume it is war. As we know, we are releasing all negative and dense energy on Earth and that includes negative emotions. Emotions are located solely in the 4D band. We are clearing both 3rd and 4th dimensions together. There are two paths, fear or love. When we are not in a loving space, we are quite likely to be sitting in some level of fear. We can also be in neutral, neither one nor the other.


We see a planet filled with fear being created daily by most people. I guess many people think they never create fear. They could be right, but people think of fear as an obvious emotion. But all our worrying, concern and anxiety are levels of fear. It could be silly little things that make us concerned, but it is still fear. Fear our child missed the school bus or forgot lunch money; we might have upset someone; hurrying to the store before the special is sold out; the plane the family is on might crash; the heavy traffic might make them late for work; a laptop or white goods not starting produces fears it’s major problem. And that doesn’t take into account the many others fears that churn through our lives such as spiders, germs, dentists, thunder, snakes, heights, health, sudden loud noises, confined spaces, sharks, darkness, old age, being alone, driving, motorways, vomiting, flying, public speaking, crowds, animals, death, failure, deep water, computer, technology, accidents, partners may have an affair or leave us. And the many childhood fears, ours and our children’s, with all the growing up problems, upsets, bullying, illnesses, failed exams, fights, upsetting teachers or other children. We have barely touched the surface of the amount of fear perpetrated on Earth, but we see there are huge amounts needing to surface to be transmuted into lighter energy so we can move forward. Naturally, sometimes what seems to be fear can be intuition warning us of danger.


But let us ponder on a higher reason to create a major event that brings all fear to the surface. We aren’t exempt – those awake also have some fears. But what we can do, as opposed to those not yet awake, is to not drop into fear. We know what is going on. So we can help hold the light and keep trusting it is all OK.  


So, our position now is to get ourselves stable, no more highs and lows and to maintain an increasing level of light. Be ultra discerning and don’t believe anything until it is in some way verified. But at the same time keep open to the possibility that it might be true. There are a multitude of things out there that are true, but seem completely unbelievable. That is the nature of the world we are now discovering, with newly opened eyes. By surrendering to the idea something might be true, without necessarily needing to accept it is true, we are letting go of fixed 3D ideas and freeing ourselves from this world and its karmic cycle. We are moving into a new world of love and integrity.


The older crew (first wavers) are standing back now and handing the reins over to the younger group to continue the projects and plans they created, to let the young ones take them through to finalization. The younger Lightworkers have been encoded with the new ideas to take the Earth forward and will take these projects to higher vibrations as the need arises. As they wake up, they move into position to take on their role after the dismantling of the old ways is finished. 


We can help all this happen. The 10 point plan. 1. Most importantly we need to be sufficiently detached from all of it, so that no negative stuff gets to us. 2. We have to trust the Divine Plan. We did not come to Earth and spend all this time preparing for a planetary shift to 5D, only to let the ship go down. 3. Really maintain our Light and avoid people and places that don’t resonate now. 4. Acknowledge every time we intuitively know something. That strengthens the ability. 5. Stop blindly believing and check things intuitively, or at least research it. 6. We can make sure we balance negative news output with positive news. 7. We can use our ability to visualise and create, and see the world as we would like it, full of happy people. 8. We can stop judging and criticizing and that includes condemnation of the dark forces and sleeping people. All that keeps us in a low vibration. 9. We can surrender to Divine Order and only do and say what feels right in the moment. And stop badgering people who are not ready to wake up. 10. We can be unconditionally loving.


We can do it. Whatever is called for, we can do it. We are powerful, incredible, strong and come from soul blood lines that go back eons, with the most amazing abilities you could ever imagine. We can soar instantly through galaxies, communicate instantly to anyone in this universe and we can literally create a new world in a moment. We just forgot that.


Unconditional Love,


Sandy Stevenson

9th May 2020