Earth is Evolving Into a New Frequency of Light



Most awake people seem to have achieved a balance between their human desire for the outcome of events on Earth to happen swiftly (preferably yesterday!) and have curbed their impatience and surrendered to the realization the plan needs to proceed in divine timing. But that doesn’t stop us being eager for predictions. When will humanity wake up? When will family and friends realize what the vaccine is all about? When will we reach the tipping point that shows the home run? How far do we still need to go down this path before people get it? Are we nearly there? We can actually answer these questions ourselves.


Some time last year, amid heavy lockdowns and millions wearing dust masks, I was sitting with a group who were asking when will this end? When will people realize it’s a hoax with a massive planetary corruption agenda?  Well, I think we are all able to answer these things, we just don’t often ask.


So, the question we posed was -  If all this ended tomorrow and there were no more masks, no lockdowns or travel restrictions and no coercion to get vaccinated, what would humanity’s response be? With them having regained the freedom to visit people, go places, hug each other, not have to sit feet away and allowed to have weddings and funerals again, would people see they had been subjected to extreme unwarranted militant authoritarian control and a fear campaign designed to push them into an experimental vaccine without the ingredients or side effects being disclosed? In their new found wisdom, would they demand an overhaul of the pharmaceutical industry, the media and a complete change of government and all who were involved?  Would they see they had been blindly led into a cleverly planned suppressive agenda?


Or would they complain a bit about the inconvenience of it all, adding that it was probably necessary to save lives - and carry on with their life, exactly the same, completely unaware of any sort of corruption and with the same level of ignorance in their understanding the global situation.


The group answered unanimously and without hesitation. As soon as we posed the question, it was obvious to everyone we were not there yet and not even close. Everyone realised these situations were tools to achieve an awakening, and probably without continuing events to shake people out of complacency, it may be hard to wake humanity up. We’ve addressed before the need for humanity to experience things for themselves as being the only way to wake up. I think we’ve all seen with some friends and family’s refusal to listen that it’s not enough to just be told. Even if the white hats took over TV channels and everything was revealed in hours of video footage, it still would not work. It would be a step too far, too big a stretch of reality for the vast majority and be rejected by a large proportion of the population. Also, the amount of negative shock and fear of a sudden reveal projected world wide, could increase negativity and hinder light progress. The vital point to understand here is they really do have to experience it themselves to gain the deep wisdom and knowing that will carry them forward.


Try it next time. Ask yourself. You will know when that tipping point has occurred.  It will be when you get a positive to the question - ‘If it all ended tomorrow; if all the nasty stuff stopped happening, governments cancelled emergency controlling laws, compulsory PCR testing ended, farmers no longer forced to burn crops, endless numbers of booster jabs ceased and we were not encouraged to eat insects - where would humanity be? Would people be sufficiently awake to turn this planet 180 degrees and remove the corruption?


We know many more are awake and we are way closer than last year. But it has to be a global awakening, and I think we can see we aren’t there yet.


Those who are already awake often express a desire to help new ones waking up; feeling their newfound understanding of what is really going on could help offset their shock and confusion. It is indeed a lovely idea and will be one of the ways we can help. But perhaps we need to advance a little more with our understanding before it can really be beneficial to those waking up. While many people have a good grasp of the overall scene, others are still in early stages of awakening. Varying stages of realities about what is going on can mean guesswork and confusion, and we don’t want to pass that on. So, some benefit could be gotten in the area of discernment and what is accepted as truth and perhaps more research and less ‘follow the leader.’ And a greater understanding and integration of the whole picture could help get people past negativity and judgement. Of major importance would be getting a perspective of the higher spiritual goals of the Divine Plan. We still see many truthers and influencers with a great following, really lovely people doing a great job helping with 3D understanding, but haven’t yet seen the higher picture of evolution of humanity. That view makes complete sense of all that is going on, which is something not seen from the limited and narrow perspective of 3D.


We have a million events unfolding throughout every echelon of society, and people are rising up and take their power back. This is so brilliant and was essential for people to gain their own wisdom through experience, to increase their awareness, consciousness and understanding and gives a big shift in reality.


Creating a complete reversal of the situation on Earth relies on many facets. The lightworkers are all multidimensional beings and handle things on many levels. Higher levels of reality occur simultaneously across the globe. We are not always aware of it because it operates in energy bands of vibration outside the visibility of the 3rd dimension. Combined with the increase of light vibration taking place across Earth, there is a constant stream of light entering Earth’s energy field from the universe. We also have ongoing assistance from many beings from other planets and dimensions, all arranged long ago as part of the evolutionary shift of Earth.


But there is another major part of the divine plan, taking place individually and globally, that could have a major impact on the outcome and a sudden turn around in global awareness. If we dwell on this for a moment, we can see the magnificence of this major move in this 5D chess game. It will help the entire evolutionary process of Earth, as well as achieve a global awakening without masses of negative energy being triggered, as we know can happen when a society learns life is nothing like they thought and their lives are turned upside down.


I expect since we learned the truth, sometimes we saw the ‘dark force’ plan as being quite clever in its preparation and execution. But if we could see the entire light plan for Earth, we would really be amazed at the intricacy of the Light Plan,each detail designed to culminate in a perfect outcome. As each individual wakes up and processes the details of the global scene and gets past their shock, thought patterns, judgements and emotions of it, it is brought together in a categorised, clear, assimilable, and somehow even acceptable form. Although individually we don’t have all the details of the corruption on Earth, between us all, we do. So, once the jigsaw has fallen into place and the individual feels they have a grasp of it; their processed information is passed through etheric vibrations into the human collective consciousness. That energy sits awaiting a trigger to raise it to a surface level of awareness. A person would wake up without experiencing the levels of trauma many suggest will happen. This whole process was designed to be done as gently as possible while at the same time ensuring people attained the wisdom they need for their own evolutionary movement.


We all need to let go now of just about every aspect of a life we believed to be real, to allow a new higher reality to be accepted. All attachments need to go, so we can see another way. We can still have things but not be attached to them.  


A plan that was centuries in the making is actually been dismantled by the light force in just a few years. Humanity is in various stages of letting go of 3D reality and that planned corruption is disappearing, to be replaced by a new world. Not a ‘new world order’ as some intended, but an amazing new world of light frequency, where harmony and love reign supreme. The human race has entered a life changing moment of evolution.


It is a leap to start seeing a higher perspective of what is going on, especially when what appears in front of us looks so solid and so real and to many, pretty scary. But when we do see it, when suddenly or slowly that curtain begins to slide back, we see a perfect order, a mathematical unfolding based in harmony and unconditional love. Suddenly the world makes sense; even the nasty parts show what they taught us. And in our new found wisdom we begin to move forward, tentatively step by step. Maybe unsure of what is ahead as it is appears to be unknown to us, but we find we are changing, no longer dictated to by ego, thoughts and emotions, judgement ends and the joy begins trickling through as a new way of life opens up.


This is what is happening. It will continue to happen and nothing in the universe will prevent it. Earth is being reborn in a new frequency of light.


In Light,


Sandy Stevenson

20th October 2022 (20 10 20 22 - 9)