Earth, Humanity and Ascension

We need to understand that humanity on Earth is in a major learning curve. People are being awakened for their own evolutionary advancement. I think we can all agree it would not be much use proceeding forward when people have not yet understood what happens when you don’t take responsibility for your world and hand over your life and well being to everyone else.  We know life can get really busy and it can seem easier to hand over chunks of it without investigation, thought or discernment. It appears we have done that with most areas of life, even concerning our health, what we eat and what our children are taught in school and by the media. And it has resulted in a world where corruption is rampant.

There is a question we could ask ourselves that may give us an idea of where humanity is currently placed in its awakening. If all the restrictions were to stop tomorrow, i.e. no more jabs, masks, lockdowns, etc, do we feel the majority of society is aware the old ways were corrupt and not conducive to humanity’s well being and are ready to move forward with new people, projects and governments that act with integrity and truth? For me, the answer is clear. I don’t feel we are there yet, although we are getting closer each moment. I guess when the answer is ‘Yes, the majority are there,’ we may have our tipping point.  That same question could be asked of individual countries because each is in a different stage of awakening.

So, to accomplish the goal of this evolving planet, humanity is currently being pushed to their limit. Whatever that limit turns out to be is defined by the people themselves. And it will take whatever level of push is needed for people to stand up and be counted? It can appear to us that a lot of dark stuff is happening. But what is occurring is no different from the usual lessons we experience in 3D life. We are always pushed and pushed, harder, tougher and closer, until we get the lesson.

The senior goal is to wake up the people and raise the vibration of Earth.

To that end, we can clearly see people don’t learn when simply being told what is going on. Much of it is so far removed from most people’s reality, they would never, ever believe it. Can you image informing people  about massive infiltration by the Illuminati, satanic practices,  most of royalty, world govts, rigged elections, medicines, food, corrupt media, favourite singers and TV personalities, household names, some heroes, depopulation agenda, tracking social platforms and rigged court and election systems - all hugely corrupt. How could people grasp that just from being told? I think we see it was not possible to handle something this huge like that. Some are having enough trouble getting their family to even look at the official govt. website statistics that list adverse effects and deaths from the jab! So, the only solution was to let people experience the dark agenda.

A light plan has been in operation for some years to slowly release information about corruption. It is being done on a gradient so people can manage to adjust and accept it and does not add negative energy to the collective. An example of information delivered on a gradient could be initially being told the virus started with an infected bat in a wet market in China! Everyone in authority swore this was true and anyone who opposed that idea by suggesting it started in a lab was ridiculed and some were killed. As more information was exposed by the alternate media, the mainstream media were forced to admit Fauci knew it originated in the Wuhan lab and paid for its research using US taxpayer money. It is also known Fauci lied about this under oath. Now the public know the truth, and it has been delivered in an acceptable way.

It might be that the white hats are in way more control than we think. In fact, it could be they have control of many dark areas and people in many countries. What if, to assist bring about the awakening needed, they have instructed the dark hats under their control (threatened with life in prison or the death sentence for their treason), to proceed with their dark plans but to do it way faster. Why would white hats do that? Because humanity has to wake up! On the surface it can seem inexplicable the white hats may be letting the deep state carry on with their own schedule. However, if we think about it, how else can humanity awaken unless they see it for themselves. Increasing the intensity and speed of dark subversive actions makes it far more visible to people. If it had continued to move at the pace they had planned, it would barely have been noticed. As we see, even with it quickened up, it is still not being noticed by many! Our freedoms have slowly eroded over time and more controls put in place, e.g. seat belts, thousands of restrictive rules and laws, CTV cameras, taxes, high interest rates, chemical laden food, fluoride, radiation, etc.   

Corruption has been going on for so long and people are entrenched in its 3D pattern. I can’t think of another way this could have been achieved, especially with the many facets involved in this particular awakening on Earth. We have to wake humanity from the deep illusionary 3D story and show them corruption is rampant and the deep state has been systematically dumbing down and controlling them for centuries. With the corruption and control now visible on the surface, at least people have a chance to see it and take back control of their own sovereignty.

Everyone is choosing to remain in 3D or go toward 5D. In fact, people have been making this choice for a long time, but their choices are only now becoming visible.  People choosing to continue in 3D need to leave their physical body and reincarnate on another 3D planet. And although this idea may shock some people, I guess vaccinations do provide that opportunity.  People need some way to leave Earth! We know there are natural means, such as ill health, earthquakes, fires and floods and man made situations such as disease and air crashes.

I think we will find every part of what is occurring now on Earth can be understood if we can grasp some sort of higher perspective of it. We’ve been working through our own shock and concentrating on staying centred and probably haven’t had much time to chill out and gain an overall view. We were certainly hit with a lot of stuff, very quickly and ‘left field’ and it sent many reeling. But being who we are, we seem to have settled quite quickly and adopted a more laid back spiritual overview. We probably still have to work on not letting the fear narrative reach us. To remember we are creators and responsible for what thoughts we add our power and energy to.

Letting go of 3D illusion.

After the initial shock of unfolding events, we began to realize most of 3D life was not how we thought it was. After we grasped that, we moved on to accept that maybe ‘anything is possible’!! And as the extent of corruption around Earth was revealed and things got even weirder, amazingly we began to be OK with it. Not OK as is accepting it was fine to be like that, but that new information was no longer throwing us into our emotional body. Even though we weren’t sure whether information was true or not, does not seem to have deterred us from reaching a space of ‘allowing’ things to be as they are. We heard some people we thought were dead might be still alive, such as Diana, John Denver, Michael Jackson and JFK Jr; that some people are clones or hybrids of a mix of humanity and other races; that most areas on Earth were corrupt as were many people in them. Then we heard history was not as we had believed and wars were totally manipulated; there are massive tunnels in most countries with not good stuff going on in them; the system of law was completely altered; things like magnets and serial numbers are connected with the jab; off the scale child trafficking; the White House, City of London and the Vatican are foreign cities and not part of the country they are located in; shocking revelations about adrenachrome; a zillion tons of gold has been located under the Vatican; military tribunals for treason have been occurring for years and then there is Hollywood and the music industry - well, lets just leave that huge pit for now! And tons of other ideas  are re-emerging such as a Flat Earth; no such thing as space, fake sun or 2 suns; no moon landing (well, that one has been around a while); a whole different meaning to our birth certificates… and so very much more.

So, what exactly have we gained by our newfound ability to accept whatever is thrown at us?  Well, we have become way more discerning and wise and far less likely to just accept things as being true. This is another sign of mastery. Of course, people are in various stages of that process, but basically we have let go of the illusion of 3D. Does everyone see how incredible that is and how much mastery we just attained. What a gigantic leap we have made. Our mastery is being attained in every moment as we move closer to 5D and home.

Letting go of time.

Another thing it seems we have mastered is in relation to ‘time’. On 3D Earth, we experience ‘linear’ time. This means we perceive ‘time’ exists because we see things change around us. As we know, 3D learning depends upon and functions only through the apparency of linear time. Yes, time is an illusion, but a necessary one for learning. ‘Time’ shows us that our thoughts and actions have repercussions, visible only because of the illusion of ‘time.’

Depending on when we woke up, many of us began impatiently waiting for dates of various events to take place. Certainly for many, that started with expected happenings around the January US Presidential inauguration date. And so began the ‘story of dates.’ We were ready, armed with popcorn and much anticipation as we waited for the expected EBS and its accompanying hours of exposure videos. Then a zillion other dates followed, tomorrow, next week, next month. Dates continue, we now have the Maricopa county audit (spanned over months and on about its 6th date for release!), McAfee and John Durham’s reports (taken forever!!), Fauci exposure, various court dates, thinking that huge reveals occurring every few days must surely be the tipping point…and  it goes on and on. OK, but where are we with all this? Well, we are certainly not in the same place we were in January 2020! Here is the interesting bit. We have moved beyond the date thing. Of course, people are in different stages of getting it, but for many people they have ‘Let go of time’! Wow! People have reached a place where they are saying ‘Yeah, whatever! If it happens, it happens’. On the surface, that could seem like apathy, but it is not. We are stepping beyond ‘attaching to outcomes’. We are no longer disappointed when something doesn’t happen. Instead, we are stable and centred and no longer roller coasting with emotions running rampant. We are holding the light steady. We are stepping free of the illusion of time. Many are in ‘Now; the present moment. Others are almost there.

Letting go of attachments to people.

Another major step into our mastery is we are letting go of our attachment to people. That can include friends and family, as we see them choose a different path than us. And no-one is saying it is easy to accept that. We don’t want to lose people. We can feel their decision is ‘bad’, but that may turn out to just be a 3D pattern. Perhaps those people chose their path long ago; a path they felt offered them the greatest learning. In other words, they chose what they felt needed to be the next step in their evolution. If it is in the best interest for someone to continue to experience learning and growth offered by 3D experience and situations, what use would it be for them to struggle toward ascension when it is clearly not optimum for them.

And we are even managing (slowly!) to stop judging people who choose to vaccinate and to stop calling them sheep! Well, maybe we still have a bit more work to do on that one! I have also seen a big shift from lower ego personalities who could not wait to tell people how stupid they were to get the jab. Now, I think compassion, understanding and a desire to help has taken over, rather than wanting to make people wrong. The fact we have also realized the severity of what may happen to these people may have also had a hand in it. And perhaps slowly, we are also learning to accept and respect their choice. Why do you think that no matter how much effort you put in, some people will not listen! Maybe it is because they know on some level what they have chosen and don’t want or need to listen to you trying to convert them. No-one ever said this was ever going to easy! Sometimes it is downright heart breaking, but we just keep working on releasing our attachment and our pain. I was recently told from above, ‘Those who are meant to go, let them go’. I knew that. I was just having a moment when a dear friend chose an alternative parallel world. We need to remember, we are all eternal and immortal and no-one dies! And we will see everyone we love again.

Mastery, Ascension and 5D

Much of our movement into mastery is taking place without us even thinking about it. We don’t realize just how quickly we are stepping toward our full mastery and ascension. We have probably been too busy with our work to check where we are now. We are all doing what excites us which has always been a key to show us our role in laying out this path for the Ascension of Earth.

We don’t know what is immediately ahead that will bring together all facets of the Divine Plan. But we do know who we really are. We are strong, amazing and invincible light masters who came from afar to bring about the Ascension of Earth and allow it to join the Association of 5D Worlds and create a new Blueprint to forge a new Pathway for humanity to ascend. And we did it!

Here we all go! On the ride of a lifetime, stepping more into Mastery as we begin to soar on wings of light and dance on universal rainbows, right into the birth of a stunning new world.

Sharing the joy of balance and harmony,

Sandy Stevenson

22nd September 2021